Blog Rules

We look forward to an open and objective discussion with you. Here we want a fair bargain, a friendly tone, tolerance
and respect for other opinions.To ensure an enjoyable communication for all, please note the following rules therefore.


Behavior and Netiquette

Treat other users as you would like to be treated. Please proceed carefully with the intellectual property of others.
If you quote someone, please refer to the original author (mention / link). If you are not sure, ask the author for permission
to quote him. This also applies to images / videos.

Of course we are interested in your personal opinion! Make it clear if you come up with hypotheses avoid conjectures or

Privacy and rights are important to us: We would like to ask you not to give in contact addresses, phone numbers or other
confidential details in your posts.If you believe that another user has violated our rules and we have not seen it, please send
us an e-mail to: postmaster @ prinwest . com

Please note that once a comment  is written it cannot be changed or deleted. If you wish, please send a short e-mail to:
postmaster @ prinwest . com

A tip: irony and humor are not always seen on the Internet. On the Internet, something that was meant humorously, may be
misinterpreted quickly because it lacks facial expressions and gestures.


Deleting posts

The administration reserves the right to delete those posts that violate the netiquette, are not conducive to a dialogue or do not
relate to the posts. There is no right to disclosure. Each user is responsible for the contributions he has published himself.

Posts will be deleted without notice and locked your e-mail address for further comments if they discriminate against other people,
for example because of their gender, their age, their language, their race, their religion, their sexual orientation or beliefs.



In the following cases, posts will also be removed:

  • Abuse as advertising space for other websites or services
  • Spam
  • Commercial or private offerings of goods or services
  • Insults and indignities of any kind
  • Violations of rights, and in particular, any copyright
  • Political statements and / or call for demonstrations and rallies of any kind
  • Comments which are not written in German or English
  • Comments that do not refer to the commented post