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The Varieties of Amber (succinite)

Depending on the place of origin, age and the amber-yielding pine, there are different types of amber.
The colors of amber vary from wax white, light yellow to dark yellow, orange, red to brown, opaque and
translucent. Amber with microscopic air bubbles appear in a milky yellow.

Worldwide, more than 80 types of amber are known, but the most common is the succinite amber.
Of the varieties of  Succinit amber be distinguished in particular by the degree of turbidity, characteristic
are the smooth transitions and mixing in the individual pieces.



Clear or Almost Clear – completely transparent as glass, very weak staining yellow (ice clear) to brownish yellow (Brunswick clear).



Flom or Opaque – semi-transparent cloudy by microscopic bubbles.



 Bastard – completely opaque fill-cloudy to cloudy homogeneous or mottled (German called Kumst) with varying degrees of color.



Bone – completely opaque ivory to pure white (white resin).  



Black Varnish or Glaze – gray to mottled, decayed wood and soil with resin as a binder.  



Multicolored – mix the plain varieties to bone, often with well-defined and columns.



Antique – plain varieties to different degrees of weathering bastard colored red to reddish brown.



Foamopaque, yellowish white, even floats in fresh water. A modified form of variations "bone."